Access to managers

and access to strategies

not available elsewhere.


We search the world for investment managers and strategies that aim to deliver robust risk-adjusted performance. The people and approaches we discover may not be well known in Canada, but we think they provide something remarkable – access to what’s next. Our job is to cut through all the noise of short term performance and extra risk-taking to discern real talent. Our clients appreciate being first to see compelling new approaches, even though some are complex or are limited in capacity. For more than a decade, the Next Edge management team has provided rare access to unique strategies before they became widely known.


TREND FOLLOWING – An open-ended investment product that offers investors access to the AHL Diversified Programme*. The AHL Diversified Programme aims to take advantage of price trends in a large number of highly regulated and liquid exchanges around the world. The program invests in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments including, without limitation, stocks, bonds, currencies, short-term interest rates, energy, metals, credit and agricultural commodities.   Continue >
Next Edge GLG Emerging Markets Income Fund Completes Merger into Next Edge Theta Yield Fund
Next Edge GLG Emerging Markets Income Fund (Closed Ended) Press Release
Next Edge GLG Emerging Markets Income Fund (Opened Ended) Press Release
PRIVATE DEBT – An open-ended investment product that offers investors access to investments in secured, short term loans in an all-weather structure. The Next Edge Private Debt Fund aims to achieve consistent risk-adjusted returns with minimal volatility and low correlation to most traditional asset classes by investing primarily in a portfolio of private debt securities. The fund is only available to Accredited or Eligible investors. See if you meet the criteria. >
THETA – A unique alternative income fund that offers investors rare access to a leading income generating, high probability, strategy in a risk defined structure with low correlation to traditional bond and stock indices and low interest rate sensitivity. Continue >
BIO-TECH – Investing in companies of the future: A unique well defined process of investing in the North American small and mid-capitalization Biotechnology space. The Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation through the ownership of small and mid-capitalization biotechnology and healthcare companies based in the US and Canada. Continue >


    • Momentum is exploited with Trend Following
    • A smarter way to play Emerging Markets
    • Short term safety and very high income with Factoring


    • Factoring: 15 year track record
    • Next Edge: Canadian leaders in alternative investments
    • AHL: Global trend follower
    • GLG: Emerging markets expertise


    • Risk management is key
    • Secured debt is paramount
    • Strategies with repeatable Alpha are favoured


    • Active monitoring of managers
    • Independent search without constraints
    • Ability to launch undiscovered managers


    • Firm belief that smart, undiscovered managers exist
    • Constantly searching to discover the next emerging strategy


    • Managers not generally found elsewhere in Canada
    • Variations on traditional approaches
    • Unique strategies that provide valuable diversification benefits



  • All
  • Syndicated over $800 million (from 2002-11)
  • Cdn leader in regulated alternatives
  • raised over $600 million for Man (2003-08)
  • One of the first and biggest at $212 million (2002)
  • raised over $2 billion for Man products (from 2003-13)
  • over $1 billion raised (2000-06)
  • Spun out Man Investments Canada Corp. from Man Group plc (2014)
  • Scouring the globe for emerging strategies
  • raised $400m (2009-12)


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EY recently published their yearly Biotechnology Industry Report 2015 “Beyond Borders, Reaching new heights”. Key takeaways from the Report include: Net income increased by a very healthy 199% to US$3.3 billion In 2014 the huge increase in profitability was a result of all of the right reasons. Strong sales of newly launched products resulted in


Dr. John Rowsell and Mr. Roy Trice Join Next Edge Capital as Strategic Advisors

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, MAY 20TH, 2015 – Next Edge Capital Corp. (‘Next Edge’) is pleased to announce that Dr. John Rowsell and Roy Trice will be joining the firm as strategic advisors. With over 60 years of combined investment industry experience, Dr. Rowsell and Mr. Trice have served in many high-level leadership roles


Factoring Case Study

Liquid Capital Corp. has a long standing relationship with a customer who owns a garment manufacturing business.  The nature of this business tends to be seasonal as fashion lines follow the four seasons of the year. This customer receives large orders from various national retailers several times a year. Given the cyclical nature of this