The Top 10 Drivers Impacting Global Wealth and Asset Management

E&Y recently came out with ‘The Top 10 Drivers Impacting Global Wealth and Asset Management’

Topping the list is the disruptive force of Fintech and Innovation. Key take aways are:


Perhaps the greatest opportunity, or threat, is FinTech. The ongoing paradigm shift driven by FinTech disruption should not be underestimated
The global wealth and asset management industry continues to experience strong growth, primarily due to steadily recovering developed markets
Today, many wealth and asset management firms are striving to gain first-mover advantage in FinTech and lead the race for market share
FinTech presents the danger, or opportunity, to rewrite the list of industry winners across the globe
Seize disruption as an opportunity to innovate and win in the market, rather than as a threat to the stauts quo


Read the entire report here.