Next Edge RCM Private Yield Fund: Performance

Historical Performance1

Class A

2019 1.75% 0.83% 1.42% 0.78% 4.87%*
2018 0.70% 1.22% 0.54% 1.25% 0.81% 1.43% 1.58% 1.50% 1.45% 1.48% 0.93% 0.85% 14.65%
2017  — 0.66% 0.66%*

Class F

2019 1.84% 0.92% 1.51% 0.87% 5.23%*
2018 0.73% 1.32% 0.63% 1.34% 0.91% 1.52% 1.67% 1.58% 1.54% 1.57% 1.02% 0.93% 15.80%

Class B

2019 1.74% 0.82% 1.40% 0.77% 4.81%*
2018  0.64% 1.22% 0.54% 1.24% 0.81% 1.42% 1.56% 1.47% 1.43% 1.46% 0.91% 0.83% 14.39%
2017 0.73% 0.73%*


1. The Next Edge RCM Private Yield Fund (the ‘Fund’) returns are net of all fees and expenses associated with Class A Units and Class B Units charged from December 1, 2017 (trading start date.) The Next Edge RCM Private Yield Fund (the ‘Fund’) returns are net of all fees and expenses associated with Class F Units charged from January 1, 2018 (trading start date.) Returns for 2019 are unaudited. Therefore, performance statistics containing 2019 figures shown in this material are subject to final confirmation. The historical annualized rate of return as at April 30, 2019 for the Next Edge RCM Private Yield Fund Class A Units are 1 yr 15.86%; 3 yr N/A; 5 yr N/A; 10 yr N/A; CARR 15.38%; and Class F Units are 1 yr 17.09%; 3 yr N/A; 5 yr N/A; 10 yr N/A; CARR 15.99%; and Class B Units are 1 yr 15.63%; 3 yr N/A; 5 yr N/A; 10 yr N/A; CARR 15.20%.
2. Distribution – adjusted return
*Part Year
3. Next Edge Capital Corp. is the manager and trustee of the Fund (the ‘Manager’). The investment objective of the Fund is to provide opportunistic financing to private and public companies via highly-customized investments which are primarily in the form of secured debt in order to achieve above average risk-adjusted returns with minimal correlation to most traditional asset classes. The Fund intends to achieve its investment objective by initially investing all of its net assets in a portfolio of debt and debt-like investments which may be obtained either directly through investments held by the Fund and sourced and administered by R.C. Morris & Company Ltd. (“R.C. Morris”) or through exposure via an investment in units of R.C. Morris & Company Special Opportunities Fund III Limited Partnership or certain other partnerships as may be established from time to time by R.C. Morris or its affiliates (each a “R.C. Morris Partnership”, and collectively, the “R.C. Morris Partnerships”). Capitalized terms not defined in this document are defined as set forth in the Offering Memorandum of the Fund (the ‘OM’). There is no guarantee of trading performance and past or projected performance is not indicative of future results. Note to Investment Professionals: The information in the Monthly Report is being provided to current investors in the Fund and is being provided to their registered dealers for informational purposes only. This is not a sales literature and cannot be used as such. The Fund is not a trust company and does not carry on business as a trust company and, accordingly, the Fund is not registered under the trust company legislation of any jurisdiction. Units of the Fund are not ‘deposits’ within the meaning of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act (Canada) are not insured under provisions of that Act or any other legislation. No securities regulatory authority has expressed an opinion about these securities and it is an offence to claim otherwise. These securities have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or any state securities laws and may not be offered or sold in the United States or to U.S. persons except pursuant to an exemption from the registration requirements of those laws. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation, public offering, advice or recommendations to buy or sell interests in the Fund, the Portfolio, Units or any other Next Edge Product. Please refer to the Fund’s Offering Memorandum for more information on the Fund as any information in this Report is qualified in its entirety by the disclosure therein. Opinions expressed are those of the author as of the date of their publication, are subject to change and may not reflect the opinion of all members of the Company. Some statements contained in this material concerning goals, strategies, outlook or other non-historical matters may be “forward-looking statements” and are based on current indicators and expectations at the date of their publication. We undertake no obligation to update or revise them. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those implied in the statements.