Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund: Overview


Investing in companies of the future: A unique well defined process of investing, predominately, in the north american small and mid-capitalization biotechnology space.

  • Technology has fused with Bio-tech to accelerate drug discovery
  • Innovation from Research & Development facilitates higher success rates on discoveries emerging from the clinic
  • The regulatory environment has become more flexible and adaptive in both the USA and Europe
  • In the opinion of the investment manager there is potential for an unprecedented period of value creation in biotechnology
  • Investing in healthcare contributes to funding the development and delivery of life saving and quality-of-life solutions.

The current landscape offers a plethora of healthcare funds and ETFs providing access to yesterdays winners.  The Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund will provide access to predominately small-to-midcap healthcare companies – potential winners of tomorrow. From the universe of healthcare companies, the Fund will focus on those conducting late-stage clinical trials, or early commercialization: a 3 year window in a decade long process to develop a drug for market.

In order to manage binary and volatility risks associated with investing in Bio-tech companies, Options are an indispensable tool.  Furthermore, a proven basket approach with a hedge overlay reduces portfolio risk by mitigating the impact of the biotech sector volatility.  This approach allows for company selection to deliver excess returns.

Finally, when the sector becomes extended cash holdings will be increased, and reallocated when oversold.  Collectively, these key aspects of our demonstrated approach – hedging company & portfolio risk, and disciplined stock selection – can lead to superior long term returns.






*Only trailer fees on Class A units charged