Next Edge AHL Fund: Overview


An open-ended investment product that offers investors access to the AHL Diversified Programme*. The AHL Diversified Programme aims to take advantage of price trends in a large number of highly regulated and liquid exchanges around the world. The program invests in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments including, without limitation, stocks, bonds, currencies, short-term interest rates, energy, metals, credit and agricultural commodities.

Potential for Capital Appreciation

Next Edge AHL Fund aims to provide investors with the opportunity to realize capital appreciation through investment returns that have a low correlation to traditional forms of stock and bond securities.

Diversification and portfolio enhancement

The Fund aims to perform independently of traditional stock and bond investments thereby providing valuable diversification benefits and offering the potential to enhance the risk/reward profile of traditional portfolios.

Access to AHL

An experienced investment manager AHL employs sophisticated computerized processes to identify pricing inefficiencies in a diverse set of asset classes. AHL’s trading approach aims to identify and take advantage of both upward and downward price trends across a wide range of sectors and markets.



The Fund provides Canadian investors with access to a world-leading trend-following manager, AHL, who can look back on over 25 years of successful trading.


The performance potential of Next Edge AHL Fund is demonstrated by performance of the underlying AHL Diversified Programme*, which has an annualized return of 11.5%1. It is advisable to have a medium to long-term investment horizon when investing in Next Edge AHL Fund.

Portfolio enhancement

The underlying program to the Fund, the AHL Diversified Programme*, has historically shown a low level of correlation with world stocks and bonds, providing valuable diversification benefits in times of market crisis. By adding the Fund to a portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash, significant enhancements to the portfolio’s risk and return dynamics can be achieved.


Next Edge AHL Fund is a prospectus offered product, and can be bought and sold on a weekly basis. The Fund is sold for an initial minimum investment of CAD $5,000.