Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Take Part in the Acceleration of Future Breakthroughs and Cures of tomorrow via Shareholder Funded Research and Development.

The Next Edge Biotech and Life Sciences Opportunities Fund seeks short and long-term capital appreciation
through the ownership of biotechnology and life sciences companies.

Why Invest In Biotech And Life Sciences?

7 Reasons of Why You Should Invest In the Next Edge Biotech And Life Sciences Opportunities Fund


  1. Access to companies that have the potential to be tomorrow’s winners
  2. Experienced management team with over two decades of experience in biotech and life sciences
  3. A unique, well-defined investment process of investing in companies in this sector
  4. Specialized knowledge and experience required to navigate and invest in this space
  5. The Fund’s Portfolio Manager has a robust prior track record via other funds managed in biotech and healthcare
  6. The Fund’s Portfolio Management team have a vast network of contacts within investible companies, key opinion leaders (KOL), research firms, and other information sources globally
  7. Only dedicated fund in Canada with exposure to predominately small and midcap Biotech and Life Sciences companies

BONUS: Zero Management Fee

Biotech & Life Sciences Educational Series

Our passionate team of professionals is hosting the monthly Biotech & Life Sciences Educational Series. The last session provides insight into Alzheimer’s disease, the growing problem, current treatments, and the outlook for future breakthroughs in treating this debilitating disease. Central nervous system and Alzheimer’s cures and breakthroughs are some of the areas of focus of the fund. The discussion is hosted by Rob Anton, President of Next Edge Capital, and conducted by Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager of the Next Edge Biotech and Life Sciences Opportunities Fund.

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Potential investors should note that alternative investments can involve significant risks and the value of an investment may go down as well as up. There is no guarantee of trading performance and past or projected performance is not indicative of future results. Investors should review the Prospectus in its entirety for a complete description of the Fund, its risks, and consult their registered dealers before making an investment
The “Next Edge Biotech and Life Sciences Opportunities Fund” or “Fund” means the “Next Edge Biotech and Life Sciences Opportunities Fund”. Capitalized terms not defined in this presentation are defined as set forth in the prospectus of the Fund (the “Prospectus”). This communication is not, and under no circumstances is to be construed as, an invitation to make an investment in the Fund nor does it constitute a public offering to sell the Fund or any other products described herein. Applications for the Fund will only be considered on the terms of the Prospectus. Each purchaser of the units (the “Units”) may have statutory or contractual rights of action under certain circumstances as disclosed in the Prospectus. Please review the provisions of the applicable securities legislation for particulars of these rights.
The information contained in this material is subject to change without notice and Next Edge Capital Corp. will not be held liable for any inaccuracies or misprints. The Fund has not been and will not be, registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “U.S. Securities Act”), or the securities laws of any state of the United States. The Fund may not be offered or sold in the United States or to US persons.
Any descriptions or information involving investment process or strategies is provided for illustration purposes only, may not be fully indicative of any present or future investments, may be changed at the discretion of the Portfolio Manager and are not intended to reflect performance. The following does not purport to be a complete summary of all of the risks associated with an investment in the Fund. Please see the Fund’s Prospectus for a complete listing and description of the risks associated with an investment in the Fund. The Fund is generally exposed to the following risks: Biotechnology Industry Risk; Borrowing Risk; Counterparty Risk; Credit Risk; Cybersecurity Risk; Derivatives Risk; Equity Securities Risk; ETF Risk; Foreign Currency Risk; Foreign Securities Risk; Interest Rate Risk; Legislation and Litigation Risk; Leverage Risk; Liquidity Risk; Multiple Class Risk; Options Risk; Price Volatility Risk; Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase Transactions and Securities Lending Risk; Short Selling Risk; Stock Market Risk; Substantial Securityholder Risk and Tax Risk.
*The Next Edge Biotech and Life Sciences Opportunities Fund (the “Fund”) Class F Units does not charge a management fee.  The Class A Units of the Fund charges a 1.0% management fee, but pays that entire 1.0% management fee out to the registered dealer of record of the investor who holds those units in the form of a servicing commission.  Both the Class A and the Class F Units of the Fund are subject to a performance fee, in respect of each fiscal quarter of the Fund, based on the percentage gain in the NAV per Unit of a Class of Units of the Fund over the preceding fiscal quarter or quarters since a performance fee was last payable, provided that the NAV per Unit of the Fund (including distributions) is greater than all previous values at the end of each previous fiscal quarter in which a performance fee was paid.
The performance fee will be equal to this excess return per Unit multiplied by the number of Units outstanding at the end of the quarter multiplied by 20%.